6 Steps to Getting Out of Your Head and Stepping into Committed Action!


Ever feel stuck, unable to take action on the big plans you have for yourself?
Have a million ideas for your great big vision, but paralyzed by the fact of not knowing where to start?

We’ve all been there before, so you’re not alone. Even an act first, think later personality like myself has been down this road a few times; so I can imagine how hard it is for the analyzers constantly trying to plan out the right move. I have been known to make some of the quickest decisions among those I know, and have had my share of friends and clients come to me to discuss how to push forward from a slow moving pace.

Here are 6 steps to support you in getting out of your head and stepping into action!

1. Pause. Breathe. Take a moment to acknowledge.

Are you stuck between deciding whether to stay at your current position or gunning for that promotion? Or maybe you’re debating between staying at your company or finally going off on your own. Breathe, take in the fact that you are choosing between the good and good (you’re not starving, without clothes or a roof over your head). Acknowledge the work and effort you have put in to be deserving of this position. Some people barely have enough to eat, let alone have the choice to choose from one opportunity or another. No matter what you choose, you’ll be okay. Whether you end up somewhere great or just good, you’ll still be okay.

2. Step Away From Fear and Into Possibilities.

On the other side of fear is possibilities. No one has ever achieved something extraordinary by being comfortable. When we feel anxiety and fear around something, it’s usually because there is something for us on the other side. Do you want to be somebody that regrets not having risked because you were afraid of losing? Or do you want to be somebody that lives knowing that you have no regrets because you took a chance? Without risk, there are no rewards. If you look at someone else’s life in admiration or awe, it’s likely because they were willing to put in the work that most were not. It is likely because they were willing to go to uncommon places to achieve uncommon results. The rat race is common, but it takes vision, courage, and commitment to stand out.

3. Determine the next step.

Now that you’ve decided to cross over to the uncommon side, it’s time to figure out your next move. The best way to get out of paralysis is to guide your brain out of overwhelm. Sure, the big picture may be overwhelming, but sometimes it just takes one or two steps forward to be able to see clearly. No one says that you have to have the entire picture figured out. With each step that we take, we walk into more clarity and confidence about the steps to come. If you don’t have steps A thru Z figured out, thats okay! Let’s just figure out what is going to help you leap into action.

4. Take Action.

Time to get out of your head. Without action, the greatest ideas stay just that — great ideas. Heck, you might even see your grand master plan in reality one day, but implemented by someone else! Don’t keep your vision and purpose locked in. Daydreaming is good, but the only way to manifest it into reality is to move towards it with committed action. Take the first step and you’ll surprise yourself with how good that feels to keep you moving forward.

5. Celebrate.

Celebrate your win! You don’t have to wait till you reach the finish line to celebrate! Each milestone and step should be celebrated. The journey is equally as important as the destination, if not more. This ensures that you create fun and meaning throughout the process, versus having your blinders on. Sometimes stopping to smell the roses gives us a new perspective on how to tackle what’s next.

6. Keep Pushing Forward.

Next thing you know…. You’ll be asking yourself, “how did I end up here?”. Yes, milestones past where you were when you were caught between a rock and a hard place. The most difficult thing is always choosing to pull the trigger. The second hardest thing is to stay committed each and every day. The biggest experts preach that it takes 10,000+ hours to become GREAT at what we do. How many hours have you put in?