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My name is Elaine, and ever since I was young, I knew 3 things:

1) I wanted to save the world somehow.
2) I loved music.
3) I wanted to travel the world.

Fast forward to 31, I run a music and charity lifestyle brand that connects artists and fans to give back to charities around the world. I also help people with visions of social impact to craft their personal brands, build their passion projects, and grow their tribes. Most of this is done remotely from my laptop while I continue to be a student of life in different parts of the world.

I wasn’t always living this life though. It took me a solid post quarter life crisis to make the jump. I was VP of my last company at the age of 26, and was in talks of becoming junior partner. Although it all looked great on paper and in the bank account, I was not fulfilled. No sales reports were satisfying enough as I felt the passion inside burning out. That was when I took a deep dive into my WHY, and the answers came quick. How did I end up here? Yes, I enjoyed what I did and got unlimited PTO on company’s time. I excelled quickly at what I did and moved up the company ladder quickly, but did any of those things matter if what I was doing wasn’t firing me up and out of bed each morning? Everyone around me told me I was crazy, and that I should be grateful for what I had instead of come to some crazy decision. I was absolutely grateful for everything I had, but decided to go for the crazy decision anyway.

At 27, I quit my job, started my own company, packed my belongings into my car and drove across country to New York City, a place I had always dreamt of living in since I was a kid. Despite having made a ton of money, I was not great at saving. I “YOLO’d” it and basically spent everything I made. I debated the decision of sticking it out another year to stack up some cash, but decided that life was NOW and that another year was not going to serve me any better. Although I had no money, I knew that my vision for making a difference through music and community was going to fuel me through.

Fast forward through the many tears, shortcomings, feelings of loneliness and late night food deliveries with money I didn’t have, here I am, 4 years later. The first 2 years were tough, but I will acknowledge the fact that I never even entertained the idea of quitting. Did I learn countless lessons and make a few too many mistakes that could have been avoided? Absolutely. But I am so glad I did because the journey is just as important as the destination. I am also grateful for them because with that experience, I am able to support others who are passionate about making a difference in the world. Whether you are going through your career transition, building your passion project or you own brand, I’ve been there and I’m with you! Cheers to taking the leap of faith and being willing to risk what most aren’t, because only in that are we able to create the life and impact most won’t.

With Love + Energy,